Marketing and communication agency

A story that began in 1969 that can only lead far.

D&Co is an integrated communication agency with a long and successful experience in marketing and graphic visualization.

Thanks to its team of professionals and to the community of effectively involved collaborators, D&Co is a “laboratory of solutions”, a realstrategic and creative direction that develops the business and the image of your company.

A great catalogue, a fast and responsive website, an efficient CRM – by themselves – are blunt weapons to develop a new business or to reposition a company. The market, or rather the markets, are complex: the paper or digital world or the interaction between both remains just a simple tool if there is no strategic framework. A framework that must be built starting from an analysis phase.

  • We analyze your company: competition, trends, customers, critical issues and – of course – potential and new opportunities.
  • We identify the objectives to be achieved.
  • We define times and resources to be invested in order to achieve the objectives.
  • We establish the marketing activities and the communication plan without disrupting your business life.
  • We monitor and evaluate the results against the identified objectives.

Our identity


To improve the culture of communication and strategic marketing, providing technological and creative solutions to seize opportunities for success in the market.


We design and implement the strategic communication of companies and organizations, providing effective solutions and cutting-edge services, focusing on the consulting aspect of the relationship and the professional growth of our partners. The shared objective is to increase the value of their activities and their brand.

3 important words for D&Co


We like to give value to ideas. From entrepreneurial to creative. We customize our strategies to the goals defined with our clients.


We believe in the passions that fuel us and the relationships that unite us.
The reliability, courtesy and availability of our team are the essential ingredients for the serenity and satisfaction of our customers.


Our tradition is a long history of professionalism, punctuality and expertise that we want to share.

No problem can withstand
the assault of sustained thinking.