On the thread of nature

“On the thread of nature” is the 2024 Calendar by Savio Macchine Tessili Spa, developed with D&Co.
Inside it there are twelve natural textile fibres represented with different techniques including collage and digital illustration.

The most sustainable Favini papers were chosen, which stand out for the concepts of circular economy, recycling, zero or reduced emissions and reduced water and energy consumption.

– FAVINI Papers Marketing Department

“On the thread of nature” is a project of which we are particularly proud, made possible thanks to the well-established collaboration with Savio, and in particular with its Marketing Department.

“On the thread of nature” is an exploration that celebrates natural textile fibres and the plants from which they derive, through a unique calendar. Twelve plants, one for each month, which we have artistically interpreted using various techniques, including digital and manual illustrations. The cover features the Thread font that we have specially designed.

The calendar is printed on eco-friendly papers from Favini’s Paper from our Echosystem collection to honour nature and the ecosystem.

Project: Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A. / Marketing & Communication Dept.
Graphic Design / Illustrations: D&Co. | Strategic Mind Big Ideas
Printed by: Lito Immagine
Printed on: Favini Refit Cotton Paper (cover) and Favini Shiro Echo Paper (interiors)
Typeset in: Trade Gothic Next LT
Illustration techniques: collage, wax crayon, marking pen, tempera colors, digital illustration