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New effective business tools

Production of textile machines

Analysis and realization of more effective sales tools for the commercial network [strategy and design]

Integrate the innovative concept “Savio Solutions” on new commercial supports to be provided to the sales force by defining some new guidelines of the company communication in order to make the message clear and immediate to increase business opportunities.

The innovative “Savio Solutions” concept has been visualized through careful listening, analysis and the most suitable answer to the Customer’s needs, that is a series of commercial proposals with integrated solutions of products and services divided by type of processing/yarns instead of by single machinery.

This new approach allows to transfer to Savio’s Customers an integrated solution of greater value, articulated and turnkey aimed at satisfying their specific needs, thus allowing the sales staff to offer more attuned, effective and quicker answers, consequently increasing sales.

Specifically, we designed the new commercial tools with an innovative graphic concept (created with the contribution of the artist Giulio Masieri) based on the representation of the different types of processing/yarns, making the contents clear, immediate and simple in the transfer to the value market “Savio Solutions”.

We have deliberately highlighted Savio’s identity and the benefits for the customer resulting from the values, technological know-how and innovation, deriving from the centuries-old history of the company.

The new concept has been declined by Savio also on the other offline and online communication tools, in order to offer integrated and more effective supports to the entire worldwide commercial network.



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