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Cuntrevìnt by PITARS

A wine that tells about the territory and the Pitars Brand


Analysis of the reference market, definition of the strategy, creation and launch of the brand “Cuntrevint” Limited Edition [strategy, marketing and brand]

Raise the value of the Brand, find a “commercial” solution to open new markets, alternative sales channels, and redefine the positioning of the other product lines of the Pitars Winery.

We started from the analysis of a unique territory in its morphology and microclimate where Pittaro family’s vineyards are located. This territory is the Tagliamento river, which is the last wild river of Europe with a characteristic flora and fauna, which borders and delimits Pitars vineyards.
We considered this Top selection, which is related to the Sauvignon that won the award as the best Sauvignon in Italy 2019, defining the values of the Pitars Brand and the Pittaro family that has been producing wine for well over 4 generations, with Courage, Commitment and Constancy.
Hence the name “Cuntrevìnt” (Controvento) – taking advantage of the Friulian language which is the DNA of the territory and of the family, – an authentic distinctive emblem, the essence of Pitars identity.
This led to the development of the iconographic brand, packaging design and label design.
The next and inevitable step, supported by the strategic marketing analysis carried out, was the launch of the product to national and international opinion leaders, organizing targeted presentations with tasting and presentation of the Pitars brand and all its product lines.


Naming / Logotype

Our Cuntrevìnt is born from the Sauvignon grapes grown on the banks of the Tagliamento river, which in Friulian language means “Against the wind”. It could not be called otherwise: it concentrates – only in a  ew bottles – the typical aromas and scents of the vine grown in this very particular terroir, tough yet kind to those who know how to take care of them and has always done so.

Label Design



Events / Virtual wine tasting

A marvelous journey, an exceptional wine, Cuntrevìnt by Pitars, made its official debut through online tasting. More than 40 important journalists and opinion leaders, both national and international, have known Cuntrevìnt by Pitars via conference call with real time tasting of the wine previously sent to each of them thanks to the creative and organizational work of D&Co. (with the support of the press office Gheusis).
A new and innovative wine experience that makes us proud to have participated in the project, overcoming in this way all the limitations of the Covid19 period.

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