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Development of a new Brand dedicated to BtoC and BtoB

Wine company

Analysis of the reference market and specific positioning of the product, definition of the strategy, development of the Concept/Big Idea, coordination and quality control of production/printing [product marketing and label design]

Develop a targeted strategy for this new product line, which, in addition to offering itself to the BtoC market, should also become a marketing and promotional tool for the BtoB channel.

The strategy defined foresaw the creation of a new and targeted Brand that was strongly inspired by the FVG territory and Pitars identity (see the Case History), with a spirit of modernity and an essential appeal for this type of product.
The type of “wine”, its freshness, the variety of colors of the packaging/embellishment, guided the concept of the naming/logo and the philosophy of the project: Colôrs (term in the Friulian language meaning colors). The attitude towards foreign markets of the product line, has further consolidated the choice of defining an international profile (colors). The desire to distribute the product in two distinct channels, the first BtoB with the possibility of customizing the clothing, and the second BtoC with a distribution in traditional channels and beyond (Horeca, Gdo, Gda, e-commerce), has determined the development of a flexible and multi-channel online/offline communication.



Colôrs > Colori
Friulian: Colôrs
Italian: Colori (Colore, Tinta)
Color is the visual perception of the various electromagnetic radiations included in the so-called visible spectrum.

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