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JACUZZI®Reference Book

Analysis and development of Jacuzzi® commercial tools for the relevant BtoB markets


Communication targeted at the Hospitality, Designer and Contract sectors; creation and launch of the “Sensational Wellness” brand [strategy, marketing and brand]

How to commercially approach the Accomodation Facility, Designers and Contract sector in an authoritative, consultative and effective way by spreading the history, technology, benefits and some of the most important Jacuzzi® references worldwide in the Spa and Wellness sector.
The aim is to transfer to the Customer the consulting approach, the reliability in relationships, the pre and post-sales assistance, the pluses and the increase in profitability by choosing the Jacuzzi® Brand.

Development of a multilingual Jacuzzi® Reference Book both in paper and digital format and in interactive PDF to be quickly transferred to support the sales network.
The creation of the Reference Book involved the analysis of potential reference interlocutors, an explanation of the working method adopted by Jacuzzi®, why and what to offer, but also the identification and illustration of all the advantages, benefits and technologies that Jacuzzi® can guarantee and transfer to its Customers.
The creation of the claim “Sensational Wellness” summarises the analysis process carried out, giving further coherence and strength to the contents of the book.
The development of the dedicated website has further disseminated and enhanced it online.
The tools developed allow Jacuzzi® to present itself on the reference markets with a very effective and authoritative impact, ensuring new business opportunities for it and its customers thanks also to the reputation of the Brand.


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